William & Mary Reservations

William & Mary Reservations

Welcome to EMS (Event Management System), William & Mary's online reservation system for campus spaces, facilities, equipment and events.  

Browse current reservations by clicking the EVENTS option from the menu on the left.  Please login to make, request, edit, or cancel a reservation.   Return to the main menu by clicking on the HOME option at the top of the page.

Note about Search Results: There is a known bug affecting some (not all) of the reservation templates within EMS.  The bug causes search results to not populate in the List Tab.  EMS is aware of the issue, and we can expect a resolution by mid-March.  In the meantime, you can use the following work-around:
1. Select the Schedule Tab (Instead of the List Tab).  You can continue to make your reservation on the Schedule Tab. 
2. Return to the List Tab (optional).  The List Tab should populate the second time it is selected.

Log in

·         Select the MY HOME tab across the top of the screen.


·         In the User ID field type campus\followed directly by your W&M Username

·         Example: campus\tjefferson


·         Enter your password.


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